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Saskatchewan has long been revered for being the epitome of world class whitetail hunting. Canadian Whitetail Outfitters manages a select number of free range hunts on over 200,000 acres of arguably some of the best whitetail ground available.

The area located near Goodsoil in NorthWest Saskatchewan consists of prestine forest to provide security and cover bordered closely by agricultural areas. A carefully selected and well skilled staff are focused on our primary goal, that each hunter visiting us has the opportunity to hunt legendary deer.

Deer Hunts

$6950 USD

We are a trophy minded camp and are focused on upper age class mature deer, and a approximate 150” and up trophy class. This means you will encounter several younger bucks throughout your hunt of varying trophy quality that hunters will be asked to pass on.

Our primary focus is always on increasing the taking of mature deer. Hunters can expect to be hunting deer that are in the 145”-165” range with realistic chances at much larger deer.

Those opportunities are largely dependant on the hunters willingness to pass on other deer and wait it out. While we will do everything we can to get each client in front of a mature trophy deer, when targeting only the very best deer in the area 100% success may be the goal but should not be expected.

Our hunters should be of the same mindset, to be prepared and able to pass on younger large bucks hoping for a chance at a true northern giant. Hunts are primarily done over baited sites from hard wall and pop up ground blinds. Second cut alfalfa, peas, barley and Monster Meal feeder pellets are used to ensure not only the success of your hunt, but the health of the deer in the area.

These sites have been extensively scouted, prepared and tended to long before your arrival by the guides and they will have good knowledge of the bucks in the area though with the expanse of the area new deer do arrive daily. Our stands are set up for Archery, Muzzleloader or Rifle. Hunts are all 2x1 guided hunts and you will have a specific guide working with you.

Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable with trophy whitetails and here to help make your hunt and experience a success. Your guide will take you to your blind each morning and have you settled, comfortable and ready for the day before leaving. While you are on stand for the day, your guide will be out scouting, maintaining bait sites and checking trail cameras.

Once your trip is booked you will receive gear lists, what to bring booklets as well as directions to the lodge so you can prepare and plan for your adventure.

Bear Hunts

$4500 USD

We have a high population of black bear with a large percentage of colour phase bears. Our bear hunts are conducted in May from the lodge and are at bait sites from ladder stands. You should expect to see a high number of bears and have several opportunities to take a trophy bear home.

Bear hunts are 2x1 guided and follow the same principles as our whitetail hunts. Hunters will be taken to stands by their guide mid afternoon and picked up at sunset to return to the lodge.

Once your trip is booked you will receive gear lists, what to bring booklets as well as directions to the lodge so you can prepare and plan for your adventure.


Canadian Whitetail

Our remote but modern lodge is situated creekside accessible only by ATV. The comfortable lodge offers full service kitchen with cook as well as individual rooms, power, running water, bathroom and shower facilities, Cellular service and Satellite TV.

We limit our hunts to having a maximum of 6 hunters in camp at any time to ensure personal service and dedication from Dean and the team. Our full service kitchen delivers fantastic hearty meals prepared by our cook to ensure our hunters are always well fed.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the case of a wounded animal we will do everything possible to recover the animal, however once an animal is hit the focus will be recovery of the deer and not a return to hunting.
Hunters either drive to camp or fly into Saskatoon or Edmonton and then rent a vehicle to make the 3.5 hr drive to camp. For hunters flying we recommend you book a flight into Saskatoon or Edmonton the Saturday before your hunt and stay the evening in a hotel before making the trip into camp Sunday.

We meet our hunters at the designated parking spot the Sunday afternoon prior to your hunt to pick you up and take you into the lodge by ATV where we will check equipment, have supper and prepare for the following days hunt.

We hunt Monday through Friday and depart camp mid morning on Saturday where we take you back out to the parking area.

For those flying, we recommend a hotel room is arranged for the Saturday night for a Sunday return home flight. We have several close hotels information and rates available.
A $2000 non-refundable deposit is required at time of booking.
Temperatures can vary greatly from 35F to -25F though the seasonal normal is around 12F.
Legal hunting time is from one half hour before sunrise until one half hour before sunset.
Field dressing, trophy and meat processing of your whitetail is all included, your deer will be deboned and frozen.

Full bear skinning and preperation is a $150 fee. Meat processing is an additional $150 if you choose to keep the meat.
For hunters that tag out early, your week is not over. You are more than welcome to join your guide for the remaining days checking sites, cameras and scouting, or you may choose to simply relax at the lodge.
We will do everything we can to get you in front of a mature trophy deer, keeping in mind we are targeting only the very best deer in the area.